NFL Notes: Bills, Cardinals, Cowboys & Eagles



Bills owner Kim Pegula mentioned that their plan is to continue to make upgrades to the Ralph Wilson Stadium until the lease expires in 2022. Although, Pegula says that their long-term goal remains to replace or upgrade the facility.

That’s such a huge nut to crack — rebuilding the whole stadium — and so it’s going to be a process that we have to kind of go through and make sure it makes sense for everybody involved,” Pegula told ESPNW. “Similar to our OneBuffalo model, we want to make sure — and the league is also a proponent of that new stadium — that it something that is shared within the whole community. It has to be a joint process, you know, by the state, the county, the fans, ownership, the league — so that’s going to take a lot longer.

“We’re going to still invest in upgrades [to Ralph Wilson Stadium] on a yearly basis, until that time in our lease runs out. So it’s in the back of our minds, but it’s a lot more complicated to get into. Just trying to get all those people together in a room is hard. But, like I said, we’re going to continue to do the things we need to do [to Ralph Wilson Stadium] to make sure it’s a great experience for the fans coming in and the team on the field.”


  • Ian Rapoport reports that Cardinals HC Bruce Arians is expected to be released from the hospital Wednesday morning and to rejoin the team after undergoing tests last night. Rapoport adds that Arians is good.


Cowboys executive VP Stephen Jones reiterated during an interview with Pro Football Talk that they’ve “moved on” from DE Greg Hardy.

“I don’t see that happening. We certainly had that experiment, and unfortunately it didn’t work out,” Jones said. “We’ve moved on and we think we’ve got some good football players on our defensive line that should only get better. They’re young. I’m certainly not naive, I know we don’t have proven production on that defensive line as we sit here today, but I do think we have some good athletes that are only going to get better.”

Although, Jones did not rule out the possibility of signing another veteran at some point.

“We’ll certainly keep our eyes peeled to see if there’s anyone else who makes sense to add to that group,” Jones said.


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