NFL Notes: Chargers, Cowboys, Raiders



On Friday, the Chargers placed a few players on the active/PUP list including G Forrest Lamp.

Chargers GM Tom Telesco explained that Lamp needs to get himself back in football shape after suffering a torn ACL last year.

He looks alright to me running around, but he hasn’t played football in so long,” Telesco said, via “His last snap, you guys saw it. It was right over here. It was the first week. The knee is coming along pretty well, but he needs to get back into football condition as well. We’ll see how that goes.


Cowboys executive VP Stephen Jones admitted that the new contract signed by Rams RB Todd Gurley will impact their future negotiations with Ezekiel Elliott when it comes time to sign him to an extension.

“Well, obviously that changed it,” Jones said, via Pro Football Talk. “That certainly moved the market in terms of running backs. Certainly you’ve got great running backs out there right now that have been wanting to move that market. For awhile there, with the running backs [the thought] you could pick them later in the draft, that you didn’t necessarily need to allocate big sums of money when you’re trying to work through how you divide up and how you allocate your salary cap. But you know obviously when we picked Zeke that was the first time in a while a running back had been picked that high. I would probably submit to you that Gurley might would have been picked that high had he not been coming off a significant injury. You throw in Saquon [Barkley] and some of these guys, and I think when we see these types of backs that have these type of skills that make a difference for these teams then certainly I think everybody is understanding their value. It certainly will affect Zeke. I’m sure Zeke smiled big when he saw it.

“I wouldn’t take anybody for Zeke. I just think we’ve got the best one in the league, and I think he’s put his off the field issues behind him, and I expect him to do very special things and just as I said with Dak, I hope we’re looking at big numbers on both of them, because that’ll mean they’ve had great years, and I would submit to you that if both of them go out and have great years, the Dallas Cowboys are going to have a great year, too.”


Raiders QB Derek Carr said recently signed veteran WR Jordy Nelsoncan still run” despite some questioning whether Nelson has slowed down at this point in his career.

The thing that you hear that he can’t run anymore, that’s false. I can tell you, he’s one of the fastest skill guys that we have still. He can run,” said Carr, via Scott Bair.

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