NFL Notes: Dez Bryant, Malcolm Butler, Franchise Tags


Dez Bryant

  • Adam Schefter reports that Dez Bryant would have made $50,000 if he caught 25 passes in Saints’ last seven games, an additional $100,000 if he caught 30 passes, an additional $150,000 for 35 catches, and an additional $200,000 for 40 catches for a total of $500,000.

Malcolm Butler

  • Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Patriots were still interested in re-signing CB Malcolm Butler at the right price this offseason, despite benching him for the Super Bowl.
  • The Patriots reportedly told Butler’s agent to reach out to them if Butler didn’t get an offer to his liking. Rapoport adds that New England could have paid Butler around $10 million a year.
  • Butler elected to sign a five-year, $61.25 million contract with the Titans over offers from the Texans and Bears.

Franchise Tags

  • Mike Garafolo of NFL Media spoke with some NFL agents this week who either have a client in position to franchised or could be in line for a second franchise tag who said they were unaware of loophole Le’Veon Bell is taking advantage of by sitting out the season and still getting credit for the tag.
  • Garafolo suggests players who could be multi-year franchise players could threaten to play under the first tag and sit out the second year if they don’t get a long-term extension done.
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