NFL Notes: Draft, 2019 Cap Space, Positional Spending



An NFL source tells Matt Miller of B/R that he would pass on QB prospects Justin Herbert and Drew Lock and go with Duke QB Daniel Jones.

Josh Allen and [Christian] Hackenberg scarred me, so my gut is to say f–k those guys like [Justin] Herbert and [Drew] Lock,” Miller’s source said. “Just let me work with Daniel Jones at Duke.”

  • Regarding Herbert, an evaluator tells Miller: “Herbert, everything you hear is he’s not ready mentally for the NFL.
  • As for Ohio State QB Dwayne Haskins, an NFL director tells Miller that there some concerns about QBs coming from that system: “Urban [Meyer] has had one decent NFL quarterback (Alex Smith) ever come out of his system. That s–t will keep you up at night.

2019 Cap Space

Jason Fitzgerald posted 2019 cap space estimates for the top 10 teams next year including:

  1. Colts- $118.5M
  2. Jets- $95.6M
  3. Browns- $84.9M
  4. Bills- $84.2M
  5. Raiders- $73.1M
  6. Texans- $68.4M
  7. 49ers- $67.0M
  8. Cardinals- $63.3M
  9. Seahawks- $54.7M
  10. Bengals- $54.1M

Positional Spending

Here’s a breakdown of the average 2018 salary for each position provided by Jason Fitzgerald:

  1. QB – $18.3M
  2. Edge rusher – $18.2M
  3. WR – $17.7M
  4. CB – $16.1M
  5. Interior D-line – $14.4M
  6. LB – $12.4M
  7. S – $11M
  8. Guard – $9.7M
  9. LT – $8.6M
  10. TE – $7.8M
  11. RB – $7M
  12. C – $6M
  13. RT – $5.1M
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