NFL Notes: Marcus Mariota, Tom Brady, Rams & Redskins


Marcus Mariota

Titans HC Ken Whisenhunt mentioned that their offense will give No. 2 overall pick QB Marcus Mariota similar opportunities to what the Seahawks have done with Russell Wilson.

“The league does a good job trying to protect quarterbacks, but any time a quarterback takes off with the ball there’s a risk,” Whisenhunt said, via the Tennessean. “There will be (designed) opportunities, but there will also be a lot of opportunities, just like with Russell Wilson, when the play breaks down and he runs with the ball and extends the play.”

Tom Brady

Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report believes that QB Tom Brady‘s appeal will end up going to court even if the punishment is lessened.

People close to Brady have told me he doesn’t want a deal. He doesn’t want a reduction in games. He wants total vindication.Freeman reports.

Meanwhile, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports that the NFL’s reaction to Brady’s performance during Tuesday’s appeal as “less glowing” than his reps made it seem.

“Brady simply reiterated his denial regarding any involvement in or knowledge of whatever it was that John Jastremski and Jim McNally may have been doing with the team’s footballs,” Florio reports. “When pressed on certain facts relating to Brady’s potential knowledge or involvement, the answers were regarded by some in the room (i.e., some who aren’t paid to exonerate Brady) as not entirely credible.

Florio adds that it’s unlikely that Roger Goodell will fully exonerate Brady given that the Commissioner came under a lot of criticism last year for not going far enough in disciplining a player.


  • Dr. David Chao believes that the expectations for Rams rookie RB Todd Gurley should be reigned in after Adrian Peterson set the bar returning from his ACL injury.
  • Not only will RB Todd Gurley be coming back from a surgically repaired knee, but he will also  have to acclimate to the speed of the pros after making the jump from college.


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