NFL Rumors: Barber Out In Dallas?


We’ve already discussed the possibility that the Dallas Cowboys could move on without RB Marion Barber once a the 2011 season is underway and Bob Sturm of the Dallas Morning News seems to agree that it’s more likely that Barber’s gone.

“I don’t see any way Barber is back. I just can’t see any upside. He has no special teams possibilities. He is slowing down. There is no point carrying on any longer,” Sturm writes.

Barbers production has declined in the last few years but the more troubling aspect is that he no longer seems like he’s capable of picking up short-yardage around the goal-line. Everyone had know that this was going to happen eventually. Barber’s running style does not translate into a long NFL career. He was a great asset for the Cowboys while he was effective but now he seems like a liability in their back field.

In case you were sold on his declining abilities, Barber is set to make $4.25 million for the 2011 along with a $500,000 roster bonus once a CBA is in place.  That money could be used to fill of the teams roster holes like offensive line or secondary help. Dallas is in need of upgrades at multiple positions so it really seems like an obvious move to save that money and reallocate it to other positions.


pixy NFL Rumors: Barber Out In Dallas?

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