Oregon QB Justin Herbert Returning For Senior Season


Oregon announced Wednesday that QB Justin Herbert will return for his Senior season and not enter the 2019 NFL Draft.

Herbert was considered to be one of the top quarterback prospects in the 2019 draft.

Reports had said that Herbert could be leaning towards returning to Oregon, despite the fact that could have been a top-five pick next year.

Herbert, 20, is one of the top quarterback prospects in the country and should be a first-round pick in 2020.

During his college career at Oregon, Herbert has thrown for 6,904 yards while completing 62.7 percent of his passes to go along with 62 touchdowns and 17 interceptions over the course of three seasons and 28 games. He has also rushed for 517 yards and nine touchdowns.

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John Storch
1 year ago

Not to boast! But! I called this scenario involving Justin Herbert about a month ago. I said, “Herbert has everything you want in today’s NFL, height, arm strength, ability to move in the pocket and quick feet to run. All Herbert needed was another year of polishing.” In 2020 Herbert will be a better draft prospect then Carson Wentz and Josh Allen were when they were rookies, all three have the same attributes. This article also brings me to Paul Schwartz’s 12-26-18 Post article about the GMEN and their defense. Now! It’s the GMEN defensive faults. REALLY! Did you watch… Read more »