Packers Place Rookie TE Davis Koppenhaver On Retired List


The Green Bay Packers officially placed rookie TE Davis Koppenhaver on the reserve/retired list on Thursday. 

Michael Cohen reports that Koppenhaver has decided to step away from the game and pursue a career outside of football.

According to Jim Owczarski, Koppenhaver earned a Masters degree from Duke and found some opportunities he couldn’t pass up. 

Koppenhaver, 23, wound up going undrafted out of Duke last month. The Packers signed him to a three-year, $1.755 million contract

By placing Koppenhaver on the retired list, the Packers will hold his rights in the event he elects to unretire and pursue an NFL opportunity.

During his five-year college career at Duke, Koppenhaver caught 49 passes for 431 yards receiving and 12 touchdowns over the course of 28 games.

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