Patriots Exec. Nick Caserio Reportedly “Wants Out Of New England”


According to Ben Volin of the Boston Globe, Patriots executive Nick Caseriowants out of New England” and is interested in becoming the Texans GM, even though it would end up being more of a lateral move than a promotion.

The Patriots were able to hold on to Caserio for the next year after filing tampering charges against the Texans, who later agreed to end their pursuit of Caserio.

Reports have said that Caserio’s contract is up after the 2020 draft and there has been a lot of talk that the Texans will move forward without hiring a new GM and make another run at hiring Caserio next year.

New England will have another year to try to convince Caserio to stay in New England be part of the team’s long-term future, but Volin says that “every sign points to Caserio landing with the Texans next offseason.”

It’s worth mentioning that Volin doesn’t expect things to be contentious between the Patriots and Caserio, even after they blocked him from meeting with Houston. 

Caserio, 43, got into coaching back in 1999 as a graduate assistant at Saginaw Valley State. He spent three years coaching in college before the Patriots hired him as an offensive coaching assistant in 2002.

Caserio later took a personnel assistant job and worked his way up to director of player personnel in 2008 and has remained in the position ever since.

We’ll have more regarding the Caserio as the news is available. 

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