Pierre Garcon Hoping To Follow Manning To Miami?


Colts WR Pierre Garcon has already turned down a $35 million offer from the team a few weeks ago so he appears to be willing to move on in the coming days.

Garcon does, however, have interest in signing with the Miami Dolphins.

Hometown – why wouldn’t you want to be here in Miami?” said Garcon, via the Palm Beach Post. “Everybody loves Miami. It’s not a hard sell. But it’s a business. You’ve got to do what’s best for you and your family.”

Garcon added that he would love to join Peyton Manning in Miami but mentions that “Peyton made his money. Me, on the other end, I haven’t.”

It’s pretty apparent that Garcon will be taking the best financial offer on the table versus signing with a team because of factors related to football.

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