Deshaun Watson “Extremely Unhappy” With Texans



Adam Schefter confirms the news and explains that Deshaun Watson offered his input on general managers candidates, but the Texans neither considered nor consulted with those he endorsed.

Beyond that, Houston didn’t inform him of their plans to hire Nick Caserio as GM and he found out about it on social media.

Watson posted on Twitter: “some things never change….”

Last year, the Texans declined to inform Watson that they were trading away WR DeAndre Hopkins, but now that this has happened for the second straight year, Schefter says Watson is “infinitely more bothered.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Texans QB Deshaun Watson is extremely unhappy with the organization after owner Cal McNair told him he would be involved in the GM search and the process of hiring their next head coach to provide feedback. 

Deshaun Watson

However, Watson was not involved at all in the hiring of Nick Caserio as the team’s new general manager. Rapoport stresses that Watson’s unhappiness with the team has nothing to do with Caserio, specifically, and just the process. 

According to Rapoport, Watson has not spoken to Texans’ brass in the last few days, despite attempts from them to get in contact with the quarterback

Earlier in the day, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reported that there are rumors from multiple sources that Watson has quietly broached the topic of requesting a trade with some of his teammates. 

Reports later downplayed the idea of the Texans even considering the possibility of trading Watson, but it remains to be seen how all of this will play out from here. 

There’s obviously been a lot of instability and drama with the Texans this year but this would still be a huge bombshell if Watson elected to go through with it considering he just signed a staggering, $39 million per year deal this summer.

It’s worth noting Watson has thrown his support behind Eric Bieniemy as a head coaching candidate for Houston, but as of today, the Texans are the only team with a vacancy not to request an interview with the Chiefs offensive coordinator. 

Watson, 25, was taken in the first round of the 2017 NFL draft out of Clemson by the Texans. He signed a four-year, $13.854 million with the Texans that included a fifth-year option around $17.3 million for the 2021 season.

The Texans signed Watson to a four-year deal worth as much as $177 million heading into the 2020 season, paying him $39 million a year. 

In 2020, Watson appeared in all 16 games for the Texans and completed 70.2 percent of his passes for 4,823 yards with 33 touchdowns and seven interceptions. He also rushed for 444 yards and three touchdowns.

We’ll have more on Watson as the news is available. 

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Felix Obregon
Felix Obregon
14 days ago

The Houston texans should just fucking move to New England since they can’t find anyone outside of New England I’m so fucking tired of them only going after people from New England this shit is starting to get old and I don’t blame DeShaun Watson if he ask for a trade since Houston owner are not listening to there star player.

14 days ago

Since when did Watson earn any rights to run the Texans Show ?
He’s paid to do a job for the team, and lacks any expertise in the football management of any franchise. This is mutany and it can’t be tolerated. He may have the right to request a trade, but he has no business taking anyone with him. That’s ludicrous ! He should enjoy his vacation and get himself in better mental shape for upcoming seasons if he isn’t too good to play !

Last edited 14 days ago by Stephen
Momma Bear
Momma Bear
Reply to  Stephen
14 days ago

Have you personally had a conversation with our QB? Nope, not likely at so you don’t know with certainty if anything in this article is simply speculative chatter for print, or is based on any real facts coming directly from our QB other than his tweet. The young man has had a pretty good head on his shoulders so far. Perhaps you should refrain from speculating on where his head is and commenting on what he should do and what he is and isn’t entitled to. You read an article, and lashed out at him. You have no real facts… Read more »