Report: Rams Will Trade The #2 Overall Pick


This news really isn’t all that surprising because we’ve been talking about it for the last two months but ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the St Louis Rams will trade the #2 overall selection in this years draft. Schefter mentions that the Chargers previous deal for Eli Manning which include two 1st-round picks, a 3rd and a 5th-round pick as being a comparable deal for the Rams.

The only difference is that the draft picks are worth more now considering that draft picks are slotted now. This is something that the Rams front office has brought up in recent days so they’re likely going to leverage this in their negotiations.

Recent reports continue to have the Redskins in the lead with the Browns, Dolphins and Seahawks listed as possibilities.

pixy Report: Rams Will Trade The #2 Overall Pick

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