Report: 49ers Are “Not Inclined” To Pursue A Trade For CB Darrelle Revis



ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that a source has informed him that the 49ers are “not inclined” to pursue a trade Jets CB Darrelle Revis at this point in time, via Adam Schefter.

The 49ers have plenty of draft picks to work with and an obviously need at cornerback, so the idea makes sense that they would at least be checking in on the asking price for him.

There are some drawbacks to trading for Revis. He’s coming off of a torn ACL, they may only have him for one-year and adding him to their finances could create issues regarding some of their impending free agents and young talent currently on their roster.

I’m sure we’ll hear more regarding this topic in the next few weeks.


Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports reports that two sources have informed him that the San Francisco 49ers are one of a few team’s that have discussed the idea of trading for Jets’ CB Darrelle Revis.

Cole adds that the 49ers are willing to make a run at Revis even if it ends up being a one-year rental.

San Francisco clearly has enough draft picks to make this deal work after reportedly trading Alex Smith to the Chiefs. In fact, they could have as many as 15 picks in this year’s draft after compensatory picks are announced and that includes 5 within the Top 93 overall.

Every indication from the Jets suggests that they’re prepared to move Revis this offseason and they may have a hard time finding a better trade partner than the 49ers.

Interestingly enough, Cole also mentions that the Falcons could get involved in a trade for Revis at some point in time as they look to get over the hump in the NFC.


Clark Judge of suggests that the 49ers could now be a potential trade partner for the Jets DB Darrelle Revis after acquiring the No. 34 overall pick for QB Alex Smith.

They have the ammunition to make a move on New York Jets’ cornerback Darrelle Revis,” writes Judge. “By acquiring Kansas City’s second-round choice, the 34th overall, the 49ers have five of the top 93 picks, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that that gives them flexibility — which is just what you need if you go hunting for Revis.

Judge adds that league executives that he’s spoke with have mentioned that they wouldn’t offer “anything higher than a second-rounder” for Revis.

Revis’ knee injury and huge contract demands could reduce the Jets compensation in a potential deal. He’s under contract for another season, but his deal includes a clause that prevents him from being franchised, so they would have to feel confident that they could lock him up long-term.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network mentions that with Revis contract demands it could put a serious strain on the team’s future.

Revis is reportedly looking to become the highest-paid defender in the game, which would require a deal close to Mario Williams‘ $16 million annually.

The 49ers have will have to address some of their young talent such as QB Colin Kaepernick, WR Michael Crabtree, OLAnthony Davis and Mike Iupati in the coming years, so it makes sense that this would factor into a decision regarding a trade for Revis.

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