Sunday’s COVID-19 Testing Irregularities Proved To Be False Positives


Update: Adam Schefter reports a total of 77 tests from 11 teams at the same lab were determined to be false positives. All came back negative once they were re-tested. 

The lab that runs the NFL’s COVID-19 testing, BioReference, announced in a statement that the false positives were likely caused by an isolated contamination in the New Jersey lab. 

The NFL released a statement Sunday morning announcing it is investigating several positive tests all reported from the same lab in New Jersey. 

Each of the teams serviced by the lab had several positive tests. While the NFL works with the lab to check and possibly confirm the results, teams will take immediate precautionary measures, including adjusting planned team activities. 

The list of teams that have experienced testing issues include the Patriots, Jets, Giants, Bills, Browns, Lions, Bears, Vikings, Packers, and Steelers.

With the overall positivity rate across the league under 1 percent, a sudden flood of positives from the same lab is a potential indicator of an error. 

The NFL is set to open its regular season in less than three weeks. 

We’ll have more on the NFL’s COVID-19 testing as the news is available. 

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