So Far No “Serious Negotiations” Between The Texans & Mario Williams


Pro Football Talk reports that a source close “with knowledge of the situation” reports that the Houston Texans have “yet to engage in serious negotiations” with DE/OLB Mario Williams.

Early this morning, the team reached a five-year agreement with RB Arian Foster so that figures to be a reason why them has yet to sit down with their Pro Bowl DE Mario Williams. Houston still has the opportunity to tag Williams before today’s 4PM ET deadline but there’s very little change that they’ll elect to do that considering that they’d be on the hook for over $22 million next season.

Williams has maintained that he’s not looking to be the highest paid player at the defensive end position but the Texans financial situation still makes a return seem very unlikely even if he takes less to stay with the team.

Speculative options include: the Patriots, Seahawks, Jaguars, Buccaneers and possibly the Cowboys but I doubt that.

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