Update On The Nnamdi Asomugha Market


ESPN’s Chris Mortensen mentions that the Houston Texans are likely to make Nnamdi Asomugha the biggest offer of any team but even that may not be enough to lure him to Texas.

Asomugha is interesting because the Houston Texans, probably, are going to make him the biggest offer,” Mortensen said. “Yet you keep hearing that Nnamdi wants to go somewhere where he can begin to focus on his post-playing career, even though he’ll give his all as he’s playing, and he has a great interest in being an actor, whether it’s in theater or whatever, and that could factor into it.”

The Baltimore Ravens cleared nearly $20 million yesterday and the Dallas Cowboys could be doing the same. Both the Jets and Eagles will also be in play as well so this situation is going to get very interesting in the coming hours/days.

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