Colts Head Coach Rumors

Here’s a running list of reports and rumors pertaining to the Colts’ head-coaching search. Be sure to check back for the latest updates.


  • Patriots OC Josh McDaniels. (Interviewed)
  • Panthers DC Steve Wilks.
  • Texans DC Mike Vrabel. (Scheduled)
  • Chiefs OC Matt Nagy.
  • Chiefs ST coach Dave Toub.
  • Seahawks DC Kris Richard. (Interviewed)
  • Baylor HC Matt Rhule. (Interviewed)


  • Ian Rapoport of Tom Pelissero are reporting that Patriots OC Josh McDaniels is expected to accept the Colts’ head coaching position once Indianapolis officially extends him an offer.
  • Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports Patriots OC Josh McDaniels is a “virtual lock” to be the Colts’ next head coach, despite the reports of the Titans’ interest from earlier this morning. According to La Canfora, the Titans have “little to no shot” of landing McDaniels at this point in time and the Colts remain the “heavy favorites” to hire him as their next head coach.
  • Michael Lombardi said during an interview with the Midday 180 Monday that it appears “the McDaniels ship has sailed to Colts” as talks are too far down the lien to turn back.
  • Albert Breer reports that Patriots OC Josh McDaniels and Texans DC Mike Vrabel have emerged as the two finalists for the Colts job. Breer adds that it’s still possible a third a candidate could join them.
  • According to Ian Rapoport, the Colts have narrowed their head coach search to Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and Texans defensive coordinator Mike Vrabel and plan to gather intel on both of them this weekend and schedule second interviews from there. Rapoport mentions that McDaniels figures to be the front-runner, in part because if it was Vrabel the Colts would have made a move already.
  • Ian Rapoport reports that Matt Rhule has informed the Colts that he’s returning to Baylor.
  • According to Ian Rapoport, Patriots OC Josh McDaniels is in a “very, very good spot” for the Colts’ job, as long they remain focused on hiring an offensive-minded coach.
  • Ian Rapoport reports that Panthers DC Steve Wilks has no plans to interview for the Colts’ head coach position, as Indianapolis appears to be focused on offensive candidates.
  • According to Kent Somers, Panthers DC Steve Wilks is scheduled to interview with the Colts on Friday.
  • Adam Rittenberg reports that Baylor HC Matt Rhule interviewed for the Colts’ head coaching vacancy earlier this week.
  • The Colts are scheduled to interview Panthers DC Steve Wilks on Thursday after meeting with the Giants and Cardinals, according to Joe Person.
  • According to Jason La Canfora, Patriots OC Josh McDaniels is “ready to go” and likely to decide between the Colts and Bears. La Canfora says he would put his money on McDaniels ending up with the Colts, assuming that Andrew Luck will be ready to return.
  • A league source tells Ben Volin of the Boston Globe that he believes this is the year Patriots OC Josh McDaniels agrees to take a head-coaching job. Both Volin and his source agree that the Colts seem like the best fit for McDaniels, especially if Andrew Luck’s shoulder is okay.
  • Ian Rapoport reports that Chiefs OC Matt Nagy is scheduled to interview with the Bears and Colts on Sunday for their head coach vacancies.
  • Albert Breer reports that the Colts will interview Texans DC Mike Vrabel for their head coach vacancy on Saturday.
  • The Colts are interviewing Patriots OC Josh McDaniels for their head coaching vacancy on Wednesday night. (Jason La Canfora)
  • The Colts will interview Seahawks DC Kris Richard for their head coach position on Friday, according to Ian Rapoport.
  • Adam Teicher reports that Chiefs OC Matt Nagy will interview with the Colts and Bears for their head coach positions.
  • Ian Rapoport reports that the Colts have requested permission to interview Texans DC Mike Vrabel for their head-coaching vacancy.
  • Tom Pelissero reports the Colts will interview Patriots OC Josh McDaniels for their head-coaching job on Thursday. Pelissero adds that McDaniels is the most coveted candidate in this cycle.
  • According to Tom Pelissero, the Colts have requested permission to interview Seahawks DC Kris Richard for their head coaching job.
  • Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Colts are expected to interview Patriots OC Josh McDaniels, Chiefs OC Matt Nagy, and Chiefs ST coach Dave Toub among others for their head coach position.
  • Jason La Canfora mentioned that Colts GM Chris Ballard has strong ties to two members of the Chiefs’ coaching staff including special teams coordinator Dave Toub and offensive coordinator Matt Nagy.
  • Mike Silver of NFL Media reported that Seahawks OL coach Tom Cable is expected to get serious consideration from the Colts (NFLTR).

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