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Eagles Would “Love” To Trade LB Mychal Kendricks

According to Michael Lombardi of TheRinger, the trade rumors involving Eagles LB Mychal Kendricks have begun circulating again.

Lombardi says that the Eagles would “love” to trade Kendricks right now, but teams still aren’t interested in his $4.8 million salary.

A few weeks ago, Kendricks explained he asked to either be traded or released at end of last season, but was told no by the team.

“Their response was you’re young, you’re talented and we’re not into that. So I took it like that and was like, ‘Alright.’ That’s why we have agents,” said Kendricks, via ESPN.com.

“That’s the business. It’s just like that. You tell them what you want, they either do it or they don’t and you are in the contract that you signed. So that’s it.

Kendricks added that he hasn’t spoken to the Eagles’ front office about his situation in several months, per Jeff McLane.

The Eagles have had Kendricks on the trade block for some time with prior reports indicating that they were looking for at least a fifth-round pick in return for him. However, it appears as though the Eagles are content keeping him for the 2017 season and ensuring their linebacker depth.

Kendricks, 26, is a former second-round pick of the Eagles back in 2012. He’s entering the third year of his five-year, $29.896 million contract that included $16.4 million guaranteed and stands to make a base salary of $4.85 million for the 2016 season.

According to OverTheCap.com, trading or releasing Kendricks would free up $5 million of available cap space while creating $1.6 million in dead money.

In 2016, Kendricks appeared in 15 games for the Eagles and recorded 32 tackles, no sacks or interceptions, a fumble recovery and a pass defense. According to Pro Football Focus, Kendricks was limited to playing 273 snaps, but was close to an average player based on their ratings.

We’ll have more regarding a potential Kendricks trade as the news is available.

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