49ers Want To Re-sign QB Alex Smith In A “Big Way”


Pro Football Weekly  reports that an inside source has informed them that 49ers intend to retain QB Alex Smith despite his late season struggles.

I think they still want to re-sign Alex Smith in a big way,” said the source. “He’ll be affordable, and he wants to come back. I would be shocked if they don’t re-sign him.”

There’s been plenty of speculation that the 49ers may consider some of the other available options during free agency and the draft but San Francisco hasn’t given any indication that would suggest that they’ll allow Smith to leave. I’d expect to see them re-sign Smith to reasonable contract.

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Ron Rupert
Ron Rupert
8 years ago

Well Alex had his best yr. in all of 7 yrs. he has been here, but if they don’t seek out  another
QB or don’t get one of those other QB’S on the team brought up to par, then they might not get as far as they did this yr. At one point they will have to realize it is going to take a real good QB to win the SB, and Alex isn’t that good.