AFC Notes: Bengals, Browns, Colts



Current Rams LT Andrew Whitworth, who played with the Bengals from 2006-2016, said he told Cincinnati owner/GM Mike Brown that he intends on retiring with the organization after his time in Los Angeles is done.

“Yeah, when I left there, that was really kind of the intention. Obviously, whenever I’m done playing, that’ll be the decision I’ll make at that time. But yeah, at that time when I left there, that was kind of the intention. And that was really the only thing that – Mike was obviously not happy when I left – but that was really something that was important to him ask me about whenever I actually signed with the Rams,” via Chris Roling of BengalsWire.


Browns G Joel Bitonio mentioned that QB Baker Mayfield and their offensive system will rely on selling the “run and play-action” which should open up more options for the quarterback.

“There’s definitely a chance to do some things on offense that we’re excited to do,” Bitonio said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “Baker, I think he works in this offense great. He’s going to be able to sell those runs and set up in the pocket. It’s not just drop-back passing 50 times a game, which is benefit to the O-line, too. If you can sell the run and play-action, boot and run keepers off the run game, it is going to give Baker another second or two to have guys get open and run routes.’’

Bitonio noted Mayfield’s success on passes while rolling out of the pocket and reiterated how new Browns HC Kevin Stefanski‘s offense fits his style. 

“All these guys running down the field open because [defenses] are so worried about stopping the run,” said Bitonio. “If you look at the stats from the last couple of years, Baker has actually been a really good rollout quarterback and a quarterback that’s been able to throw off of the run and stuff like that. This offense fits him really well. I’m excited to get some reps and see him in it.”


Colts OC Nick Sirianni says he has always been impressed with new TE Trey Burton’s play-making ability.

“I just think about how many times I saw Trey in 2018, when we first got here and Frank and I were watching tape together,” Sirianni said, via Kevin Bowen of 1075TheFan. “How many plays I saw that guy make, my goodness. Then when we signed him. Thinking back on that, man, it’s so exciting to get him.”


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