AFC Notes: Dolphins, Jets, Patriots


Dolphins HC Mike McDaniel said that the team added RB Sony Michel in the name of competition, and believes that he’s somebody that can help bring a spark to the offense. 

[With] Sony, you have an opportunity in the offseason to add a player of his caliber, of his pedigree, just him as a human being, a multiple Super Bowl winner,” McDaniel said via Dolphins Wire. “We jumped at the opportunity. His interests fit our interests. Competition for the Miami Dolphins is only a good thing. I think one thing that’s unique about that particular room is that no one shies away from competition. Everybody in there is excited for the offense, for the opportunities, and wants the best man to win.


49ers’ legend RB Roger Craig, who is the older cousin of Jets’ rookie RB Breece Hall, said he passed along wisdom that Hall of Fame RB Walter Payton gave him as a player. 

“[Payton] shared stories with us — how to train, how to run each play like it’s your last play, how to have that kind of mentality,” Craig said, via Rich Cimini of ESPN. “Walter really helped me out a lot. I cried like a baby when he passed away [in 1999]. When my cousin came around, I was like, ‘Oh, shoot, I need to talk to him.’ I talked to him through college. Oh, my God, it was cool.”

Craig is confident that Hall can become a 1,000-yard running back in the NFL. 

“I can see him doing 1,000-1,000 in the pros — 1,000 yards running and 1,000 yards catching balls,” Craig said. “He has the tools and I like his style of play. He runs the ball, he catches out of the backfield, he blocks. He does everything, like me. I really like seeing that. That means he’s being a team guy, doing whatever it takes to win.”

Hall recalled family gatherings in his younger years, where Craig and his older cousins never took things easy on him when playing basketball. 

“They were pretty older than me, so as a young bull, I was just the kid,” Hall said. “They kind of picked on me and blocked my shot and never let me get the ball. That molded me into being tough. I feel like playing with my older cousins and older sibling made me that much better and gave me that much of an edge.”

  • The Jets sent director of player personnel Chad Alexander and TE coach Ron Middleton as representatives to the NFL’s front office and coaching diversity accelerator program. (Jonathan Jones)


Patriots assistant coach Joe Judge clarified his role with the team and said that he’s working with the offense, in particular, with the quarterback position. 

I’ll give you a direct answer right there, not to be evasive on anything,” Judge said, via Patriots Wire. “I am working with Mac, as well as some other people on the offense. I’m working with all the skill groups on the offense. I would say all of us are working collectively as a coaching unit to work with the entire offense. So that’s the most direct and specific answer I can give you on that, guys. In terms of who’s coaching each position, you’ll see me on the field with the quarterbacks.

Judge added that he’s very excited to work with QB Mac Jones and believes in his abilities. Judge did emphasize that he wants Jones to continue to perfect all aspects of his game, most notably, his footwork.

I’ve been very excited to work with Mac,” Judge said. “My job is to do everything in my power to prepare him on a daily basis, and for me, it starts with fundamentals. That’s just the way I see it. If you don’t have good fundamentals, every play is doomed from the start. And if you look at any player at any level, no matter how long they’ve been playing — whether it’s Year 1, Year 2, as it for Mac, or Year 13 or 14 — this time of year and training camp especially, you’ve got to get on the fundamentals. You have to start with a strong base. You’ve got to work on their footwork. You have to work on their mechanics. You have to work on the different throws they have to make. And I’m a firm believer in doing the things you’re going to do and doing them repeatedly. I know there’s a lot of clever and cute drills, a lot of things that look really cool and go out there and look like a guru. I’m a big believer in practicing what you’re going to do over and over, and for me, with a quarterback, that’s footwork. That’s what it is.

Judge did note, however, that he has no plans on altering Jones’ throwing motion.

I’m a big believer,” he said, “that at this level of football, you’re not going to do much to change someone’s throwing motion — and I’m not saying that would apply to Mac at all, so don’t put that in there — but you don’t work with a quarterback to change how they throw at this level, in my opinion, but you can always improve their feet and their base and work on their release time. If you start changing how someone’s gripping the ball or someone’s throwing the ball, that’s just a great way as a coach to screw it up and think you’re a genius. So we’re going to focus a lot on the feet and the timing, and then you talk through just the offensive progressions.

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