Texans Not Interested In Trading RB Ben Tate


Yesterday, reports surfaced that a trade could be in the work between the Texans and Browns for RB Ben Tate but that idea was shot down today by John McClain who mentioned that the Texans are not interested in moving the backup running back.

Probably a good move considering how effective he was even as a backup for the Texans last season.


According to the Lake-County News Herald, RB Ben Tate might be on the move to become a Cleveland Brown via trade.

Tate, who has been backing up RB Arian Foster after going down with an injury in his first season with the Houston Texans, has now become disposable due to Foster signing a multi-year deal with the Texans. The Lake-County News Herald has said however that ” the Browns have refused to comment on a “rumor” that they’ve discussed a Ben Tate trade with the Texans.”

This is an interesting development because earlier we reported that if RB Peyton Hillis generates “luke warm interest” in the free agent market the Browns would swoop in and attempt to re-sign the veteran RB.  It this trade is executed, Hillis will likely not return to the Browns.

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