Bill Parcells “Disappointed” With Chad Henne


After week of Bill Parcells news,’s Vic Carucci ties the “Tuna’s” name to some more speculation. Carucci made some comments during an interview with WEEI regarding Parcels feelings about Miami Dolphins quarterback, Chad Henne.

“I will say, for whatever weight this carries, that Bill Parcells is very disappointed in Chad Henne.” “But that’s not what made Bill resign his position or anything.”

Carucci is a close friend of Bill Parcells, so these comments may be indication of the front offices impressions of Henne.

Miami’s preseason was underwhelming and Henne struggled to show signs that he can lead Dolphins to the playoffs. Parcells and company traded for Brandon Marshall this offseason to add a big player receiver to their great running game. Henne will have a lot of pressure to produce because of the options that the team has surrounded him with. If Henne struggles early on into the season, you can be sure that there will be calls for Chad Pennington to start.

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