Browns Interested In Kolb


Within hours of the Eagles announcement that Michael Vick will be the teams starting quarterback for the foreseeable future, the Cleveland Browns took the initiative and called about the availability of Kevin Kolb. This news comes from Anthony Gargano of WIP in Philadelphia.

The Browns were informed that Kolb is not currently available despite losing the starting job for the Eagles.

Andy Reid did little to squash the rumors about Kevin Kolb being traded. During Reid’s Wednesday morning press conference, he said that he was unable to predict whether Kolb will be a part of the Eagles roster after the trade deadline which isn’t exactly an endorsement of the teams support for Kolb.

The Eagles may have changed their opinion of Kolb’s longterm potential as the teams starting quarterback. The fact that the Eagles have said that Kolb remains unavailable doesn’t mean that they are unwilling to trade him before the deadline. Kolb’s name will surely be attached to plenty of rumors in the coming weeks.

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9 years ago

What exactly is his value at this point. A 6th round pick?

Reply to  Matt
9 years ago

Considering that there are a number of teams that are trying to solidify their quarterback position, the Eagle will no doubt be looking for more than a sixth-round pick in return for Kevin Kolb. Kolb has enough upside to justify a third or fourth-round pick so I can’t see the Eagles giving him away for much less. Jason Campbell was dealt for a fourth-round pick just months ago but then again that was the Raiders that traded for him and made the decision to bench him in favor of Gradkowski. One other thing to consider is that Brady Quinn was… Read more »