DeSean Jackson A Possibility For The 49ers?



CSN Bay Area’s Matt Maiocco believes that the Eagles WR DeSean Jackson could be targeted by the San Francisco 49ers as long as was willing to sign a “short-term, low-risk contract.”

Maiocco mentions that Jackson’s maturity concerns could impact the amount of interest in him during free agency which plays into the hands of a team like the 49ers who need a vertical threat.

Jackson’s from California and Maiocco says that 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh isn’t concerned about player’s reputation.

The idea seems like a possibility but the Eagles appear to have warmed up to the idea of keeping him in recent weeks. The only issue besides the character concerns that I can see is that Harbaugh has required his receivers to be active in the teams running game as blockers and that’s never been Jackson’s strong suit.

We have Jackson listed as the #27 best available free agent in our Top 50 Free Agents list.

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8 years ago

You get JACKSON on this team and they will play in the superbowl next season

NFL Trade Rumors
NFL Trade Rumors
8 years ago

I mentioned that Jackson was a poor blocker in large part because Pro Football Focus has him rated as the 74th best blocking receiver in the league. That’s a pretty poor rating for anyone.

I’ll do better to brush up on the Eagles blocking ability next time.