Mike Wallace Is Not An Option For The Ravens


There’s been some speculation in recent weeks that the Baltimore Ravens could make a run at Steelers restricted free agent WR Mike Wallace but from Ozzie Newsome’s recent comments, that doesn’t appear to be the case at all.

The problem with going after restricted free agents, at that point, the player and the agent have the leverage because you have to do a deal that you don’t think the other team is going to match,” Newsome said, via BaltimoreRavens.com. “Will some teams do it? I mean there are some teams that have two [first round picks] this year,” Newsome said. “Could they do it? Possibly. But they’ll be thinking about all of those other ramifications.

This is a great point by Newsome that hasn’t come up in the past but you’re making a big investment up front before a deal even gets discussed. Agents aren’t going to let kind of leverage slide.

Newsome added that he doesn’t think they’re in need of another deep threat receiver.

“Did you watch us play this year? Do you think we need a deep threat?”

pixy Mike Wallace Is Not An Option For The Ravens

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