NFC Notes: Eagles, Giants, Redskins



Former Eagles HC Chip Kelly disputed reports from 2015 that the Eagles offered the Titans a package of picks to trade up for QB Marcus Mariota.

That’s all speculation that’s out there, you hear stories that ‘we offered this; we offered that.’ We didn’t offer anything because they weren’t taking any offers for it,” said Kelly.

Kelly added that the Titans were committed to taking Mariota and never considered trading down from No. 2 overall.

With Tennessee, they weren’t moving off the pick. Rightly so,” said Kelly. “They were looking for the same thing we were, to get themselves a really top-quality quarterback. It really wasn’t like…. We didn’t really get into a conversation of what we can offer or what we can’t offer, because they made it known that they really weren’t looking to trade the pick.”


Giants DC Steve Spagnuolo believes they’ve just scratched the surface in regards to their defensive potential.

It’s funny, I didn’t feel it in the middle of the season, because all you’re doing is grinding and as soon as one game’s over, if it happened to be a good one, it’s just onto the next one. It’s just how this league is, and you got to put it to bed,’’ Spagnuolo said, via the New York Post.

It wasn’t until the season was over — well, it took a couple of weeks after the season was over, because of the way it ended, nobody was happy with [the playoff loss in Green Bay], we certainly weren’t defensively. But then we had a chance to take a deep breath, yeah, it did feel good. I just believed in what we were doing, I believed in the guys, I believed that was gonna happen. We’ve had a lot of success in this system in Year 2. It’s always been like that, every time I’ve done it.’’


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