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NFC Notes: Eagles, Giants, Washington



  • ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler talked to a number of NFL executives about what is wrong with Eagles QB Carson Wentz and the general theme is Wentz is trying to do too much to overcome an iffy supporting cast. 
  • Fowler adds a source told him the Eagles’ decision to draft QB Jalen Hurts in the second round this past April also didn’t thrill Wentz: “All that ground he gained over Nick [Foles], everything he fought past to get to this point, you pull it right back. Here is your franchise quarterback, the guy you paid a lot of money to keep long-term, and he’s having to prove himself all over again.”
  • The Eagles can’t cut Wentz but if they make him available for trade a number of executives think there will be serious interest as the top quarterback possibly available outside of Dak Prescott.
  • However, most execs believe the Eagles should stick with Wentz in the hope he can ride out these struggles and recapture his previous form. A team source tells Fowler they think Wentz “just needs to see the ball go through the hoop” to regain confidence. 
  • Another NFL evaluator tells Fowler Wentz is in need of a reset: “It’s as if all these different voices of how to play have influenced his pocket feel and presence and instincts and reaction. There’s been so much talk around him about what he should be that that can be paralyzing. With some good coaching, it can come back together quickly.”


  • NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport says the Giants aren’t sure how severe QB Daniel Jones‘ injury is but the team is bracing for him to miss time. 
  • Rapoport adds tests confirmed Jones has just a strain and there’s an outside chance he could play this coming week against the Seahawks depending on how he responds in practice. 
  • The Giants will likely add another quarterback to the practice squad this week. (Zack Rosenblatt)
  • The Giants may sign QB Alex Tanney as the backup for QB Colt McCoy, depending on the progress of Jones’ hamstring injury. The team is also flirting with the idea of a “quarantine QB” meaning that Tanney could end up on the practice squad. (Ralph Vacchiano)
  • Giants’ HC Joe Judge mentioned that Cowboys’ practice squad QB Cooper Rush could be another possibility for the team. (Ed Werder)


There is plenty of attention being paid to the number of times that rookie DE Chase Young is being double-teamed and still proving to be effective.

Washington HC Ron Rivera talked about Young and his ability to get to the quarterback through two blockers. 

“I’ll tell you what, it’s been amazing to watch,” Rivera said, via Rhiannon Walker of The Athletic. “He has gotten double-teamed an awful lot. He exploded early on, had a couple of really good games early. Unfortunately, he got hurt and that slowed him down. He started to pick it back up and looked like himself, now he’s working on being doubled. A couple times he’s been tripled where he’s been chipped and then you see a tackle block with the guard turning that way or you see two tight ends and a tackle back-stepping. He’s handled it. He really has. He’s fought, he’s fought, he’s fought, and he’s continued to compete. What’ll happen is, as soon as we get this going, as soon as things start to roll the right way, you’re not going to be able to double him all the time. You’re just not going to be able to.”

Rivera also spoke about the growth and maturity being shown by QB Dwayne Haskins after the team decided to bench him in favor of Kyle Allen and then veteran Alex Smith.

“Without a doubt, Dwayne has really grown, I think, in the last month in terms of the things we’ve talked about, in terms of wanting to see him get an understanding and build on it,” Rivera said. “He’s got an arm that’s an NFL talent, and he’s learning the rest of it. As I said before, he hasn’t played a lot of football. We do want to create opportunities for him to play football. Right now, he’s practicing, and he’s practicing well. He’s meeting. He’s understanding what it takes in the meetings. At least, I believe he is right now. I like what he’s doing out there on the football field. You guys don’t get to see it, but between him and (practice squad quarterback) Steven Montez, you see the two young quarterbacks mimicking during the drills, during the periods, what Alex is doing. They’re learning. That’s a huge plus.”

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