NFC Notes: Lions, Packers, Vikings



Lions second-round RB D’Andre Swift says he’s ready to battle Kerryon Johnson for the starting job this summer.

“I’ve been competing all my life,” Swift said, via the Detroit Free Press. “Kerryon is a great back, great player. I remember when he was at Auburn, and he was killing us. He’s still doing great in the league.

“I can’t even give you my role. Whatever role they have for me, I just gotta make sure I’m in the best shape and know all of the plays so I’m ready to take it on full force. But I’m not going in there looking to do anything, just doing what I’ve been doing.”


Packers TE Marcedes Lewis says he was as shocked as the rest of the NFL world when the Packers traded up to select QB Jordan Love in the first round of this past draft. It likely starts the clock ticking on QB Aaron Rodgers‘ time as a Packers starter, and the veteran would be justified in being upset the organization spent resources on a replacement instead of on a receiver for him to throw to. However, Lewis doesn’t anticipate Rodgers being anything other than professional. 

“You just let it go,” Lewis said in a CBS Sports Radio interview via John Breech. “The things that you can’t control is water off a duck’s back. Do the best job that you can to control the things that you can control, and let the universe do the rest. Aaron is a grown man. You don’t think he’s ever had to deal with things like that? Whether it be distractions, adversity, it doesn’t matter what it is. He’s a grown man. He is where he is a for a reason. I’m not worried about it.”


Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr admitted during an appearance on NFL Network that it will be tougher for their defensive unit this season, considering that they have a number of new players.

“I think, at least for myself and some of the other guys who have been there, kind of know what to expect,” Barr said. “Obviously, we have a lot of new bodies, especially on the back end, some younger guys. It will be important to try to get on the same page. Without OTAs (and offseason workouts), I think that’s going to be the biggest hurdle for us, is just the communication part, trying to get everybody to hear voices on the field is so important. You’re communicating so much play to play, and that process is really built and that communication and trust is really built in the offseason. So, without having that time spent with those guys, it’s going to be a true challenge. But I think we have some pretty strong leaders on our defense, especially. I think we are going to be capable of bridging that gap in terms of the communication.”

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