NFC West Notes: 49ers, Rams, Seahawks



Regarding his return from a torn ACL, 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo said that “every day gets easier and easier.

“It’s encouraging,” Garoppolo said, via the Associated Press. “Every day gets easier and easier. Able to make this throw better than I was a week ago. It’s small victories like that. Throughout the whole process, it’s all about small victories because you’re not going to jump out and be able to throw it 60, 70 yards again. Small victories.

  • When asked about a potential contract extension, 49ers DT DeForest Buckner said: “it’s very early in the process” and made it clear he wants to continue playing in San Francisco. (Eric Branch)


Rams GM Les Snead explained that they’re trying to get younger and looking to find another offensive lineman to redshirt in 2019. 

It will be a good year to try to get another quality OL that you can hopefully redshirt,” Snead said, via “The goal is to get younger.


Seahawks QB Russell Wilson explained that the inclusion of a no-trade clause “sealed the deal” for them in their negotiations with Seattle. 

We talked about the idea of a no-trade clause just because we really wanted to be here,” Wilson said, via “That was the thing we were really excited about and that’s kind of what sealed the deal for us.”

Wilson’s agent, Mark Rodgers, added that the no-trade clause was really important for them because they wanted assurance that the team was just as committed to him moving forward. 

“It’s been widely reported, but the no-trade provision was something that John’s never done before,” Rodgers said. “I knew that, but it was important for my client, because if you’re going to commit the prime years of your life to a franchise and to a city, you want to make certain that the club is also committed to that. And you could tell they committed a lot of dollars to it, so they’re committed. But that doesn’t stop somebody who’s maybe a team in the process of, maybe at some point down the road is rebuilding or decides to go a different direction, to trade you and all of the sudden what you signed up for, you’re no longer getting the opportunity to do.

“I felt that it was significant for Russell to have it. Understand too, he’s got businesses, he’s got interests, he’s for friends, he’s got associates, he’s got people who work for him. They all live [in], work [in] and love Seattle. To all of the sudden maybe have that pulled out from under you would be difficult. John was open-minded about it, but it took some time, and he had to speak to some people about it. But at the end of the day, there were concessions on both sides, and that was a concession they were making to really cement the deal.”

  • Joel Corry notes that Wilson will make $35 million in 2019 with another $35 million of his $65 million signing bonus payable in 2020. 
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