NFL Notes: Eric Berry, LeSean McCoy, Training Camps


Eric Berry

Former Chiefs S Eric Berry elected to sit out the entire 2019 season despite some interest from teams in a bid to get back to full health. Now Berry’s agent says he’s ready and plans to play in 2020, but he will have to wait a little longer to prove he’s healthy to NFL teams. 

“I think that you will find Eric Berry back on the field in the NFL this year,” Berry’s agent Chad Speck said in a radio interview. “His situation will materialize better once the quarantine in the NFL lifts. As you all know, every NFL facility is closed right now. It’s been a couple of years since Eric’s played football so there will need to be updated physicals and updated workouts for him. But once that happens, I’m pretty optimistic that you’re going to see Eric Berry back on the field this year.”

LeSean McCoy

Though RB LeSean McCoy found himself without a team right before the start of the season last year after the Bills released him, it ended up working out. McCoy caught on with the Chiefs and ended up winning a Super Bowl even if he found himself phased out toward the end of the year. After his contract wasn’t renewed, McCoy finds himself without a team again. But he’s confident things will work out. 

“The difference between now and before — when I went to Kansas City — I kind of can control it,” McCoy said via NFL Media’s Nick Shook. “Earlier, I didn’t have enough time to pick the right team, the right situation. When I got released, it was so quick, I had so many teams coming at me, I didn’t know where to go. … Now, like I’ve turned some teams down depending on the styles, who they have there, are we winning? I went to the Super Bowl (with) Patrick Mahomes, now I can’t just go to any team. I’m just waiting, I’ve been talking to teams and I’ll make the right decision.”

One team McCoy mentioned he would be amenable to joining is the Eagles, where he started his career and where his No. 25 is still available. 

“I could see that. On another note, since I left, you haven’t seen the 25 active in green, so you never know,” McCoy said. “I’ma keep my options open, though. I could see myself there in Philly. Like I said, that’s home, so you never know.”

Training Camps

  • Ian Rapoport reiterated that the NFL is still hopeful that all 32 teams will be able to start training camp on time, but there is simply no way of foreseeing if each state within the United States will allow organizations to hold their offseason programs. 
  • Rapoport notes that several teams around the league have begun making contingency plans in case they are not able to start training camp at their home sites. 
  • According to Rapoport, the teams with camps located in New Jersey and California like the Giants, Jets, Raiders, 49ers, Chargers, and Rams may be required to move toward offsite locations. 
  • Rapoport reports that some teams have contacted Greenbrier County in West Virginia to inquire about possible training camp locations, given it is where the Saints and Texans hold their camps. 
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