NFL Notes: Greg Hardy, Fines, 49ers, Lions & Rams


Greg Hardy

  • Ian Rapoport reports that the Cowboys were not permitted to see the photo evidence that Deadspin published on Friday prior to signing Greg Hardy. The evidence showed former girlfriend, Nicole Holder’s injuries she sustained from the domestic incident that occurred back in May 2014.



Albert Breer, citing multiple sources, reports that 49ers OC Geep Chryst was often on “shaky ground” with former HC Jim Harbaugh.

According to Breer, there were two separate occasions where San Francisco nearly reassigned Chryst to a different role, but QB Colin Kaepernick went to bat for Chryst, and even “begged” Harbaugh not to move him.

This past offseason, when the 49ers were trying to find a replacement for Greg Roman, Kapernick’s affection for Chryst played a role in them promoting him to offensive coordinator.


  • An executive for an NFC team told Albert Breer of Lions owner Martha For: “I don’t know anyone who knows her. I don’t know who’s gonna give her counsel on these decisions. Maybe the league?
  • Breer believes there’s a “good chance” a new coach will be in place with the Lions in 2016, even though the team has yet to fire Jim Caldwell.
  • Whoever is hired to run the Lions will have some obstacles to deal with, as Breer notes Detroit has half-dozen guys counting for more than $76 million next year.


Rams COO Kevin Demoff told Albert Breer that he was afraid rookie RB Todd Gurley was going to end up with one of their division rival teams had they not drafted him in round one.

I lamented to Kevin, the kid still wouldn’t get out of the first round, and that someone would be getting themselves a heck of a player and it would probably be one of the better teams,” Snead said. “And then I thought, ‘Holy cow — this guy’s gonna be a Seahawk.’ Then, he gathers steam through the process, and I’m thinking the guy’s gonna be an Arizona Cardinal. Then it was, ‘He’s gonna be a Niner.’

“And then you’re thinking, What’s the best way not to play him twice a year? Just take him.

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