NFL Notes: Los Angeles, Free Agents, Pro Bowl, & Buccaneers


Los Angeles

  • Albert Breer reports that the NFL will provide an update to teams regarding Los Angeles. Although, the Rams, Chargers and Raiders won’t be presenting their respective L.A. projects.
  • Breer points out that one dilemma for the league is that the Rams have the strongest project, but are also the least qualified of the three teams to move based on the leagues relocation criteria.
  • As things stand right now, the most likely outcome is to have two, not 3, teams in Southern California, which means either two teams in L.A. or one in San Diego and another one in LA, according to Breer.
  • The most interesting scenario regarding L.A. could be a situation where the Rams move to Los Angeles, the Chargers remain in San Diego and the Raiders move to St. Louis, per Breer.
  • Breer points out that a recent poll showed that the Rams have the most support in the city of Los Angeles among the three teams.

Pro Bowl

  • Alex Marvez reports that that Brazil is a “viable candidate” to host the 2017 Pro Bowl.
  • According to Marvez, the NFL has drawn growing interest in Brazil from a television viewership and participation standpoint.
  • Marvez adds that the NFL also believes Brazil could hold allure to participating players as an “exotic locale and unique experience.”

Free Agents

  • Adam Caplan reports that free agent DT Nate Collins was one of the most impressive players at the Veteran Combine, due to his good short area quickness.
  • According to CaplanTyler Wilson was the most impressive quarterback during the throwing session.


Buccaneers HC Lovie Smith seemed to downplay the idea of them being sold on taking a quarterback at No. 1 overall during an appearance on NFL AM.

“I can see why people would assume we’re gonna take a quarterback,” Smith said, via Pro Football Talk. “There are two excellent quarterbacks that are available at the top and when you get a chance to draft someone like that, most of the time, people do. But there are other good players in the draft also. I think it’s a deep draft for defensive line. Like last year, there are a lot of great receivers that are coming out. I think, just overall, the amount of athletes coming into each incoming class, it’s pretty deep for players that can make an immediate impact.

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