NFL Notes: Packers, Raiders, Seahawks



  • Former Packers WR Jordy Nelson mentioned during an interview with ESPN Milwaukee that he had a feeling Green Bay would ask him to take a pay cut or restructure his contract but “as the end of the day, it wasn’t what we thought was right, and we made the decision to move on.” (Rob Demovsky)
  • According to Nelson, the thing that hurt most about the situation was that the Packers didn’t seem willing to try to make the situation work: “I think the hurt part was the unwillingness to try to make it work. Then again, it’s a business and they have to do what they think is best.” (Rob Demovsky)


Raiders HC Jon Gruden tried to clarify his remarks from the Combine about “trying to throw the game back to 1998” on Monday.

“We got more analytics than probably any team in the league,” Gruden said, via the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “We have all the gimmicks and gadgets, and we’re going to have a DJ on the practice field. We’re going to throw bubble screens and RPOs (run-pass options). We’re going to have all the statistical data that everybody else has.

“But when I say 1998, I’m going to do this very similar to how I did it then (when first joining the Raiders). We’re going to bring in a lot of free agents that are going to help us send a message, set the tone. We did it (in 1998) with Richard Harvey and Anthony Newman and Elijah Alexander and Eric Allen. We brought in a lot of guys who were pros that love football, that will compete and fight for the Raiders. That’s kinda what I meant, ‘taking it back to 1998.’”


Seahawks GM John Schneider was asked if S Earl Thomas is available in a trade during an interview with the NFL Network.

“I said this at the combine — we listen to everything,” Schneider said, per Brady Henderson. “If we’re not listening to everything, we’re not doing our job. Earl’s a great player.

Thomas recently posted that he’s “going to be rich and happy regardless” of where he ends up this offseason.

“He’s pretty wealthy right now,” Schneider said of Thomas’ post. “But he’s a great, great player. Obviously he’s under contract for another year and that’s not something I would discuss with you ever.