Peyton Manning Out 4 Or 5 Games?


With the first game of the NFL season sitting just a week away, reports are beginning to surface regarding Peyton Manning‘s health.

Mike Freeman of reports that an Indianapolis Colts source has informed him that the Colts are preparing to be without QB Peyton Manning for potentially four or five games and possibly more.

I can tell you the coaches are preparing for a longer period of life without Manning,” writes Freeman. “They are hoping for the best but now fearing the worst.”

The fact that they brought Kerry Collins in should have been an indication of just of serious the injury is but Manning had never missed a game in his entire career so you had to wait it out before making any assumptions. This is terrible news for the Colts as they’ve looked pretty bad without him.

Indianapolis will be up against the Texans, Browns, Steelers, Buccaneers, and Chiefs during the first five games of the season. If Collins could get a handle of the teams offense in a short amount of time. Manning could be ready to make a run from then on. That’s the view of an optimist.

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