POLL: Which Rookie QB Would You Draft First: Justin Fields Or Zach Wilson?


There won’t be any drama with the top pick of the draft this year, as the Jaguars are the winners of the lottery for generational QB prospect Trevor Lawrence

But there are a number of other really good quarterback prospects who would be in the conversation for the top pick any other year and will now duke it out to be the second off the board. 

Ohio State’s Justin Fields came out of high school the same year as Lawrence, also out of Georgia, and was the No. 2 prospect in the nation by the slimmest of margins. After transferring to Ohio State, Fields has been an incredibly prolific starter for the past two seasons. 

By comparison, BYU’s Zach Wilson came out of nowhere this past season. He wasn’t a heralded recruit and an injury as a sophomore kept him in relative anonymity. But that changed as Wilson put sizzling throw after sizzling throw on tape this past season. The level of competition will be a factor in the evaluation, but Wilson’s blend of mobility and arm talent looked a lot like what many thought Johnny Manziel‘s potential could have been had his head been screwed on right. 

In fact, Wilson is currently the odds-on favorite to be the No. 2 quarterback off the board over the more decorated Fields. There’s still a lot of the draft process to go, though, and the results will depend on what the team holding the No. 2 pick on April 29 thinks of the two. 

If you had the No. 2 pick in the draft, which of these two would you choose?

Which Rookie QB Would You Draft First?
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