Raiders Owner Mark Davis Doesn’t Regret Khalil Mack & Amari Cooper Trades


Raiders owner Mark Davis said at the Winter League Meeting in Dallas last week that he doesn’t regret the Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper trades, despite the success of the Bears and Cowboys.

“But we’re doing a good job of getting ourselves a high pick,” Davis joked, via Ian Rapoport of

Davis did, however, admit that they’ve paidĀ attention to Mack and Cooper over the season.

“Of course you watch it and everything but you don’t have any control over what the other team is doing unless you play them,” Davis said. “We’re not playing the Bears and we’re not playing the Cowboys.

Davis credited former GM Reggie McKenzie, who was fired last week, for securing three first-round picks for the two players.

“It was all Reggie doing those deals,” Davis said. “He seemed really happy about it.”

Regarding Cooper, Davis explained that they didn’t view him as a fit in their system before admitting that they may end up regretting the deal when all is said and done.

Amari had a couple of good years with us and a couple of not-so-good years,” Davis said. “It was more how he was used in our system vs. how he actually is as a player. As you see we don’t throw a lot of balls down the field. We started to last week and it worked out pretty well. … I think (Al Davis) would’ve loved Amari. But it just didn’t work out in our system.

“In the future, we might be saying, ‘Damn!’

The Raiders are in position have a top-five pick based on their record and are still in the running to secure the No. 1 overall selection. Although, the Bears and Cowboys are both in good position to win their respective divisions, which means they’re likely to get picks in the latter portion of round one next year.

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