Rams Will Start Kellen Clemens This Weekend


Multiple reports have comes out that the St Louis Rams will not have QB Sam Bradford for this weekends game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Backup QB A.J. Feeley has been ruled out which leaves Tom Brandstater and newly signed Kellen Clemens as the teams healthy quarterback options.

It appears as though the Rams will go with Clemens this weekend despite the fact that he’s only been with the team for close to two weeks.

This season could be any worse for the St Louis Rams and the fact that they’re forced to start Clemens only illustrates this further. At least they can look forward to another top-five draft pick next year.

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8 years ago

KELLEN CLEMMENS If he ever gets with the right team and coach who will give him a chance he will be a stud just about every game he played he was thrown in to the wolves because pennington got hurt. Some knuckElheads need to use whats left in your BRAIN and think how hard is it when you know your NOT gonna plaY today so dont get your hopes up, your on the sideline cold not stretching then all of the sudden you have to go in a game when there was no talk at all of you playin .… Read more »

NFL Trade Rumors
NFL Trade Rumors
Reply to  TIZ24
8 years ago

I can appreciate the case that you’ve made for Clemens as he was never given a true shot to the teams starting quarterback while in New York. Learning a system is another huge disadvantage for any quarterback but especially the backup players looking to increase their playing time. At 28 it’s hard to imagine that Clemens would be able turn things around given that teams don’t bring in traveled veterans to take over their quarterback position. He may have had a shot at being a stud in years past but I really can’t see it working out for him at… Read more »