Supplemental Draft Notes: Adonis Alexander, Sam Beal, Brandon Bryant 


Albert Breer of breaks down the 2018 Supplemental Draft pool in terms of what’s likely to happen on Jully 11.

  • According to Breer, Virginia Tech CB Adonis Alexander and Western Michigan CB Sam Beal are the only prospects who are likely to be selected this year.
  • Regarding Alexander, an NFC executive tells Breer: “If he’d run faster, I wouldn’t have been shocked to see him in the second or third round. “I think the absolute highest he’d go now is third round. He’s so big and long.”
  • The consensus has been that Beal is likely to be the first player to come off the board this year. While Beal has had some issues, an AFC scouting director tells Breer that he’s kind of a “knucklehead”: “He’s the more talented cover guy [compared to Alexander]. A pure cover guy, fits a lot of schemes. He’s a skinny dude, and even though he presses well, you look at his body, how well does he project? … He’s not a bad guy, just kind of a knucklehead. The kind who’ll wear the wrong color socks or miss curfew or have 25 parking tickets and not pay them off.
  • A college director tells Breer that Mississippi State S Brandon Bryant has serious off-the-field concerns: “By the time you get through all the [off-field] stuff, you’re just kind of like, ‘Eh”.” Meanwhile, an AFC college director added, “He’s a nightmare discipline-wise. Very unreliable, plays outside the scheme, not reliable in coverage, his eyes are all over the place. Just can’t trust him. He’s physical and quick and fast. Should he be draftable? Sure. But with all the other stuff.
  • Breer mentions that the concern with Oregon State LB Bright Ugwoegbu is that he has “safety size, with defensive tackle speed.
  • As for Grand Valley State RB Martayveus Carter, Breer admits that he has talent to work with, but it’s unlikely he’ll be selected, considering that he was largely viewed as an undrafted free agent prospect in April.
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