Talk That Giants Could Trade Back Into Round 1 For QB


Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that if the Giants do not use of their two first-round picks on a quarterback, they may pursue a trade back into round one to get one of the quarterbacks still on the board. 

Rapoport identifies the Seahawks and Colts at No. 21 and 26 overall as two teams that have shown an interest in trading back.

Sal Paolantonio reported on ESPN that West Virginia QB Will Grier could be an option for the Giants in a trade back into the first round should they miss out on Drew Lock and Daniel Jones.

Meanwhile, Giants GM Dave Gettleman tells Kimberly Jones that they want to come away with two starters in round one. 

“We want to come out of (1st rd) with 2 legitimate starters (who) can step in and help us win now,” Gettleman said.

When asked about a quarterback who would sit, Gettleman said: “No, he wouldn’t (start right away) but it’s the position…The worse place you can be is quarterback hell.”

We’ll have more regarding the Giants as the news is available. 

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John Storch
1 year ago

Gettleman clearly states, “the 2 first round picks need to be able to start right away and help the GMEN win now.” That Gettleman statement means a QB is irrelevant as a pick in the 1st round for the GMEN. Yet! The asshole so called sports writers and ANALysts continue with this assinine nonsense about a QB being drafted at 6 or 17 by the GMEN. Or! The GMEN trading back to draft a QB. When in the last 20 years have the GMEN traded back or out of the 1st round? Get with the program already assholes. The plan… Read more »

V trexler
V trexler
Reply to  John Storch
1 year ago

Thats eli manning…asshole

John Storch
Reply to  V trexler
1 year ago


Know the FACTS you ASSHOLE before you comment. Now! Go back to your momma’s tit!