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Mark Davis Reportedly “Getting Closer” To Moving Raiders To Las Vegas

Jason Cole of B/R, citing a “well placed” NFL source, reports that Raiders owner Mark Davis is “getting closer” to potentially moving the franchise to Las Vegas.

Sources have told Cole that Davis is scheduled to speak in Vegas later this month about possibly building a stadium, and if the city is willing build a new stadium, Davis is expected to pledge to relocate the Raiders to Vegas.

There are still some obvious issues in play here, but Cole adds that this idea is becoming closer and closer to potential reality.

Last week, Cole reported that more and more owners are becoming less opposed about the idea of the Raiders relocating to Las Vegas if this is really the best long-term option for the franchise.

According to Cole, there is still some concern about the long-term viability of Las Vegas and whether they alone can support an NFL franchise. Davis reportedly believes fans will travel to Las Vegas for games, but the concern remains.

It’s worth mentioning that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell did not rule out the possibility of the Raiders ending up in Las Vegas when asked about idea at the owners meetings a few weeks ago.

Davis took another visit to Las Vegas a few weeks ago to meet with officials regarding a stadium project.

The fact that Davis is meeting with prospective cities and stadium backers shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, considering the lack of meaningful progress that the has made towards a new stadium in Oakland.

Some owners reportedly believe that remaining in Oakland is ultimately where the franchise belongs. However, it’s worth mentioning that the Raiders have the option to join the Rams in Los Angeles if the Chargers back out of their current agreement and get a new stadium built in San Diego.

We’ll have more updates regarding the Raiders’ future as the news is available.

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