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Texans “Seriously Considering” Bridgewater, Bortles & Manziel At No. 1 Overall

John McClain reports that the Houston Texans are “seriously considering” using their No. 1 pick on the top-three quarterback prospects — Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles and Johnny Manziel.

  • As of now, Houston has yet to eliminated any of these players, according to McClain.

McClain has been adamant that the Texans “are taking a quarterback” with No. 1 overall pick in May for a few months now, despite reports that they could look to bring in a veteran quarterback and use their pick on a different player like South Carolina DE Jadeveon Clowney.

At this point, there really is no consensus top quarterback, but it appears as though Bortles could have a slight edge based on some positive comments from draft evaluators in recent weeks.

For what it’s worth, we have the Texans taking Bortles at No. 1 overall in our most recent 2014 NFL Mock Draft.


  • Reggie Sr.

    There is no way Houston can make a bold move to go out and get a coach like Bill O’Brien, a so-called QB “Guru,” and not give him the opportunity to have “his guy” pulling the trigger. This is not like it was a few years ago when they had what they thought was their “Franchise QB” in Shaub, therefore they took a chance on Mario Williams, which in the eyes of anyone outside of Houston was a terrible pick that led to him chasing the almighty. Under no circumstances will they take Clowney with the first pick. Bortles is by far the pick here, anyway this gives O’Brien the stability as he starts the fire-sale to get this team to where he wants it. This will not be a Gruden to Tampa situation.

    • NFL Trade Rumors

      It could of course be smoke given where we are in the offseason, but there is a lot of talk around the league that these quarterbacks could be dropping. Some believe they could all fall out of the top-five, which would have seemed crazy just a few weeks ago.

      Long ways to go. Thanks for the comment Reggie.

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