Browns Using Josh Cribbs As A RB?


Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the Browns WR Josh Cribbs has mentioned that he could be playing running back multiples times this week.

“I just want the ball in my hands,” Cribbs said Sunday. “That’s why I got a lot of screens and the little bubble routes. If they’re doing that as a receiver, so be it. If it’s in the backfield, so be it. Don’t get caught up on just the receiving aspect.”

All off-season, I’ve been working on my receiving capabilities and helping my team on the offensive side,” Cribbs said on Wednesday. “It’s all aspects on offense, helping my team win: receiving, running back, quarterback, whatever.”

The Browns need more offensive threats and Cribbs certainly fits their need. It seem’s like every year we hear that the Browns are looking to increase Cribbs’s role but playing him at running back would certainly be a surprise. Cleveland has said that they would also like to limit Peyton Hillis‘s usage so adding Cribbs to the backfield would give them even more depth but it would still be an interesting experiment.

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