Colts Could Franchise Manning


There is no doubt that the Colts and Peyton Manning are waiting on Tom Brady and the Patriots to finish their deal before they negotiate a deal of their own. As the news began to roll out regarding the negotiations between Brady and the Patriots, it seemed that Mannings new deal would be on the way.

Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star suggests that the Colts could have an alternative option for Manning if a new deal isn’t reached by the offseason.

“If an extension isn’t reached, the Colts would use the one-year franchise tag to retain Manning in 2011 for more than $23 million.”

The Colts have made it pretty clear that they intend to resign Manning to a deal that will make him the highest paid quarterback in the league. There is almost no chance the Colts would let Manning go, so this is just an alternative option that will exist until they finish a new deal.

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