Latest Regarding Patriots Filing Tampering Charges Against Texans



Ian Rapoport reports that the Texans are “digging in” on their pursuit of Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio, despite the tampering charges filed by New England.

Rapoport says this could take a while to be sorted out, but it’s worth watching whether the two sides are able to come to an agreement regarding draft compensation for Caserio. 

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk spoke with to a source with knowledge of the dynamics and personalities involved regarding the Patriots’ decision to file tampering charges against the Texans for their pursuit of Nick Caserio.

Florio’s source believes the two teams will ultimately strike a deal for compensation that will allow Caserio to join the Texans as their next GM with the Patriots recouping a draft pick or two or something else altogether.

The Patriots could also allow the process to play out and if they’re able to prove Houston tampered with Caserio, let the NFL levy a penalty of their own. However, Florio writes that if Caserio wants to join the Texans, it could get awkward for New England to force him to stay.

Meanwhile, Ian Rapoport reports that Rapoport says the Patriots are likely to claim that something happened between Texans executive VP of team development Jack Easterby and Caserio at last Thursday’s Patriots ring ceremony that led them to fire GM Brian Gaine

Caserio is the top candidate for the Texans’ GM job.

Albert Breer notes that Easterby and Caserio share an agent, which could is easier for Houston to get around what would constitute “tampering.”

The NFL’s anti-tampering policy states:

“Any interference by a member club with the employer-employee relationship of another club or any attempt by a club to impermissibly induce a person to seek employment with that club or with the NFL” is impermissible.

We’ll have more regarding this matter as the news is available. 

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