Lions Re-Sign LB Stephen Tulloch


Pro Football Talk reports that the Detroit Lions have re-signed LB Stephen Tulloch to a five-deal.

The specifics of the deal haven’t been released yet but we’ll certainly have updates as soon as they’re available.

We have Tulloch listed as the #5 best available free agents in our Top 50 Free Agents list.


Anwar S. Richardson of reports that Lions MLB Stephen Tulloch is trying to get the team to offer him a deal that will include “no less” than $6 million per season.

It’s hard to blame him for going this route after he was forced to sign a one-year contract worth $3.25 last season. Detroit has made it clear that they would like to re-sign him but they’re not going to offer him that kind of money. In fact, the Lions will bring in David Hawthorne later today which should not only help to lower Tulloch’s asking price, but could be a contingency option if Tulloch is willing to move on.


pixy Lions Re-Sign LB Stephen Tulloch

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