NFC East Notes: Cowboys, Eagles, Giants



New Cowboys WR Randall Cobb admitted that he felt “lost” in practice earlier this week. 

“I felt like a little kid, lost,” Cobb said, via

“I didn’t know where to go after each drill, each station,” Cobb added. “So I’m just looking around, seeing where the other receivers are and finding my way around.

Cobb says there’s an acclimation process he’s going through right now to ensure he’s on the same page in the team’s offense. 

“Since I’ve been here, we’re going through the installations, and I’m having a little bit of a mental challenge as far as so many of the same plays being different calls,” Cobb said. “Just trying to get more acclimated to the playcalling here, and making sure I’m using the right terminology so I’m on the same page with everybody.”

Cowboys QB Dak Prescott cited Cobb’s versatility as something that could make him a factor in their offense. 

“Let him do everything,” Prescott said. “I mean, honestly, put him in the backfield, put him outside, put him inside, ask him to block, ask him to take a jet sweep. I mean, he’s got film doing all those things and doing all those things really well. I think if we’re not utilizing all of his athleticism and just his versatility, then we’re cheating him as a player and we’re not getting everything we want as an offense.


Eagles HC Doug Pederson mentioned that backup QB Nate Sudfeld has the opportunity to “solidify” the No. 2 role 

Nate has an opportunity to really compete and solidify the No. 2 spot,” Pederson said on Tuesday. “He gets an opportunity and it’s a great opportunity for him to do that.”

Pederson adds that there will be “a lot of competition” for the No. 2 role. 

Depth brings a lot of competition. At that spot, there is no exemption. Looking forward to that,” said Pederson. 

Sudfeld feels that he has “improved in a lot of ways” since being drafted by the Redskins in 2016 and believes he’s developed physically.

I feel like I’ve improved in a lot of ways since Washington,” Sudfeld said. “I think physically I’ve developed a lot. I think I was kind of a late bloomer, so I feel like I’ve gotten a lot stronger in the weight room, faster on the field. I just feel like physical development’s been huge. And then just being in the NFL a couple years, some great systems and great coaches, just understanding ball a lot more and seeing situations and being able to apply it. I think arm strength has improved, velocity, weight room just in general, core, everything. I just feel a lot better.


Giants’ recently acquired G Kevin Zeitler said it was a “big surprise” to be traded by the Browns to New York. 

A big surprise,” Zeitler said, via Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News. “I didn’t see that coming. I’m glad to be here. I know the Giants are a big historical organization with a lot of success with Super Bowls. No matter what anyone says, we have to put the work in once the season rolls around.

Giants QB Eli Manning said he feels good about the team’s offensive linemen after they added “a few pieces that have worked.”

I feel good about that group,” said Manning.” We have added a few pieces that have worked. They will do their part and their job very well. It should help everyone else also.”

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