NFL News: Latest On The CBA Agreement


The NFL decided to bring a group of ten reporters to discuss some of the question surrounding the CBA negotiations. Here’s a look at the most interesting topics that came out of the meeting with help from ProFootballTalk.

Free Agents Class

The NFL estimates that 569 players are likely to affected by a lockout. 495 of which are set to become free agents this offseason, assuming the league goes back to using the old system that required four years of service before a player became a free agent.

The most important thing to consider about these number is that this would be the largest free agent class in the history of the NFL which will negatively impact players salaries and their ability to find work thanks to the laws of supply and demand.

The remaining 74 players that will be affected but will not become free agents could lose a total of $143.5 million because of options and roster bonuses that would trigger at some point in March.

Franchise Tag

The NFL expects that the franchise tag will be available for teams to use during the month of February and should be the same as it was previously.

As of now it appears that both sides are still politically jockeying for a high position in the eyes of the public. The PR battle seems to be getting more attention than the problems that they are laying out which is why it’s looking like a lockout is on the way. Hopefully for the sake of the fans they are able to get an agreement in place before the 2011 season is lost.

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