NFL Notes: 49ers, Cowboys, Jets & Patriots



  • Jim Trotter of ESPN reports that “there’s not a whisper of getting Colin Kaepernick on the field” at this time, which means it’s still Blaine Gabbert’s job.


  • Todd Archer of ESPN¬†would be surprised to see the Cowboys get involved in any major trades in the coming weeks.
  • Although, Archer can still see them looking around to see what’s available in the trade market.
  • While Archer can’t see them parting with future draft picks, he wonders if Dallas could attempt to trade veteran RB Darren McFadden, assuming he’s healthy.
  • Another trade option could be TE Gavin Escobar if TE James Hanna can return from a knee injury.


Ian Rapoport reports that if QB Ryan Fitzpatrick struggles again today, it’s possible the Jets could turn to Geno Smith.

“Yes, if Ryan Fitzpatrick has another disasterbacle like he had last week we could be talking about Geno Smith coming in and relieving him, but from my understanding talking to people involved in those conversations they are not there yet,” Rapoport said. “They really believe Fitzpatrick will bounce back and have the kind of performance that he has had earlier in the year. They have confidence in him. They also know that this what he has done through the course of his career: struggled then bounced back and been a viable quarterback. So a little too early, just a little bit, to start talking about a replacement.”


  • According to Ian Rapoport, Patriots QB Jacoby Brissett is still dealing with a thumb issue and could undergo a procedure on it once Tom Brady returns.
  • This opens the possibility that Brissett could be placed on injured reserve at some point.


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