NFL Notes: Bills, Jets, Packers



Bills RB LeSean McCoy said he’s looking forward to being more involved in the passing game next year in Rick Dennison‘s offensive system.

“The running backs getting the ball in the passing game,” McCoy said, via Pro Football Talk. “That’s something I’ve been a part of, but it’s been a while since I’ve actually got the ball a lot in the air — we do a lot of that. [Rick Dennison is] big on that, you look at all the successful running backs that’s been in his offense, from Arian Foster who I’m a big fan of, he did it on the ground and in the air.

McCoy said he really likes that the offense is designed so that most of the offense looks the same and creates some deception for opposing defenses to deal with.

“Everything looks the same,” McCoy said. “Actually talking to Sean [McDermott] about why he hired [Rick Dennison], the biggest thing is – he said that it’s harder to defend because everything looks the same, as a defense, they look for alignments, they look for different cheats, different formations, and everything looks the same in our offense and it’s hard, if it’s a pass or run, you can’t tell. Being a part of that, is special to me because you don’t know what it is, and then the ability to get the ball to you running backs in open field with routes against linebackers, it’s an easy win.


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New Packers TE Martellus Bennett says he’s making a concerted effort to get know QB Aaron Rodgers and his tendencies on and off the field.

“I’m always talking to him on the field, too, trying to see what he wants,” Bennett said, via the Wisconsin State Journal. “(I’ll say), ‘Hey, how did that look?’ or he’ll give me the thumbs up. Or if I’m in another group, I always look back at him, ‘Hey, is that what you want? Is there something different you want on this?’ Always trying to figure out, just trying to have those conversations on and off the field, trying to get know each other as players, and as people.”

Rodgers mentioned that they’re excited about what Bennett brings to the team.

“He can get down the field. He can make plays in the passing game. But he can really run-block as well. We’re excited about having him here,” Rodgers said. “He brings a different type of attitude. He is a very interesting person. He’s got a lot of great interests. He cares about football. He cares about dominating. He brings that grit and that attitude to the field where he wants to dominate the guy over him whether he’s blocking or catching passes. And I think he’s going to bring some extreme confidence to the locker room, which we need.”

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